Tava Fry Masala Details

Calories /Tea Spoon:

10 (kcal)


Dry Mango Salt Coriander Fennel Fenugreek Mustard Bishop weed Chillies Cumin Nigella Ginger Black Cardamon Seed Black Pepper

: 60.00


200 Gms Paneer, Cubed, 100 Gms onions, 1 tbsp each of grated ginger & garlic, 1 tbsp Mangal Tava Fry Masala, 1 Tbsp Mangal Degchi Mirch Powder, 2 Tbsp chopped coriander leaves, 2 Green Chillies, 250 Gms Pureed Tomatoes, 4 Tbsp Cashewnuts Paste, Salt to Taste.


Heat 3 Tbsp oil on a tava add the ajwain and then grated onions, ginger & garlic. When the mixture is nicely fried add tomatoes, cashewnuts, and all the spices and paneer. Cook over a slow fire till the mixture coats the paneer pieces or vegetables decorate with coriander. Note :- This is served with Bread or Roti, Nan or Paratha.