Butter Chicken Masala Details

Calories /Tea Spoon:

10 (kcal)


Cashew, Poppy Seed, Watermelon Seed, Dehydrated Onion, Coriander, Cumin, Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic, Salt, Ginger, Milk Powder, Chilli Powder, Corn Starch, Tomato Powder, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Whole Fenugreek, Nutmeg.

: 70.00


For Chicken Take -1 Whole Chiceke, Weighing 1 Kg, 500 Gms Yoghurt, 2 Tbsp GInger Garlic Paste, 1 Tbsp Mangal Degchi Mirch Masala Powder, 2 Tbsp Butter Chicken Masala Powder, For sauce take -200 gms butter, 500 Gms pureed tomatoes, 4 Green Chillies, slitted in the middle halfway thorugh, 2 tbsp coriander leaves, 1 Cup cream, 1 tbsp kasoori methi, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp black or shahjeera, salt to taste.


Clean and make slits on the chicken with a sharp knife. Mix chicken with curds and all the spices, ginger, garlic paste and salt, set in the fridge 1 day. Roast the chicken in tanoor basting often with ghee till tender. Cut the chicken into big pieces. Heat half the butter and then add tomato puree and turmeric powder and degchi mirch powder. When the butter comes out, mix in the chicken, add green chillies and half the coriander leaves along with half cup water, when the gravy turns thick, remove from fire, mix in the cream and remaining butter and remaining coriander leaves, run kasoori methi between your fingers and sprinkle on the whole.