Punjabi Pickle Mix Details

Calories /Tea Spoon:

10 (kcal)


Fennel Whole Fenugreek Chillies Turmeric Nigella Cumin Mustard Bishop Weed Salt

: 100.00


Mangal Punjabi Achar Mix-250 gms.1 kg Raw Mango or 1 kg. Mix of mango -Lemon - Chilli, Carrot- other Veg. 250 gms. Mustard / Veg. Oil.


cut Veg. into 1 inchpieces and mix it with mangal Punjabi Achar Mix in adry utensil. Keep it for 2 days. Heat oil and allow it to cool Add mustard / Veg. oil to mixture and punjabi Pickle is ready. For preparing instant Achar Mix masala with carrot keep it for 3 hours. Pickles is Ready to serve.