Samosa Kachori Masala Details

Calories /Tea Spoon:

10 (kcal)


Peel & Cut Potatoes Into Cubes. Heat Oil. Add Cumin, Ginger, Potatoes, Salt & Water. Cook Till Potatoes Are Tender. Add Boiled Peas & Green Chillies And Stir Till Mixture Is Dry. Add Mangal Masala & Cool. Put This Mixture On Rolled Puris Of The Dough, Shape & Deep Fry.

: 50.00


Kachori Filling: Urad Dal 50 Gm, Mangal Kachori Masala 50 Gm. Dough: Flour 250 Gm, Bicarbonate Of Soda 1 Gm, Oil 75 Ml & A Pinch Of Salt.


Soak Dal For 30 Minutes. Grind The Dal Coarsely, Add Mangal Samosa Kachori Masala, Soda Bicarbonate & Mix Well. Make Small Rounded Shapes Of The Filling And Cover With Flattened Portions Of The Dough And Deep Fry Samosa Filling: Potatoes 750 Gm, Green Peas 25 Gm, Cumin 5gm, Ginger 30 Gm, Green Chillies 8, Mangal Masala 50 Gm, Dough: Flour 300 Gm, Oil 60 Ml.